Review: “In the Clutches of the Mummy Prince” by B. C. Johnson

2 of 5 stars.

Included in Chronology published by Curiosity Quills Press, this monster-hunter tale quickly shifts between amusing, cloying and baffling. Hog McMasters is an egotistical, studly ex-astronaut and former samurai that finds himself in the jungles of Chile and Costa Rica to unravel a sinister plot by Eduardo Negra that involves shipping crates of profane, giant mummies to remote villages. With the help of his loyal British butler, Reynoldsworth, Hog aims to undo this dastardly deed while also taking down Negra with his army of living guerrillas and undead mummies.

Full of parody, self-parody, meta-commentary and outright ridiculousness, the story takes aim at a few genres and literary tropes. The shtick was too-too for my tastes. While I enjoyed most of the humor when I wasn’t groaning, some of the plotlines were muddy. The fun slips away if one cannot immediately follow the action.
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