Review: “For the Good for All” by Yvonne Navarro

3 of 5 stars.

Appearing in Extreme Zombies edited by Paula Guran, this very short story is barely more than a vignette. Fida is the proprietor of Broxton House, a boarding house. However, the populous has largely succumbed to a zombie apocalypse including all of her boarders. Surprisingly, her boarders all wandered back “home” indicating some sort of residual memory. This is all the proof that Fida needs to maintain her faith and to keep each boarder’s sad life’s story alive until she can save them.

Fida’s goal of providing salvation for the damned and her Catholic upbringing lead her to seek a Catholic resolution in the form of the Sacrament of Communion and a modern day miracle. She has more trouble convincing the local priests that are still around that this is a worthwhile endeavor.

This vignette would not have worked as a full short story. But in its brevity, this tale works. The nicest touch is briefly sharing the stories of the living-dead housemates, from the relapsed heroin addict to the runaway teens hiding a four month pregnancy from parents that would’ve driven the star-crossed lovers apart.
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