Authorized Thoughts: Summer Conventions

I’m thinking warm thoughts about Spring and Summer conventions [to counter the cold reality of Chicago’s blowing snow]. Last year I attended C2E2 in Chicago which is mostly for the graphic artists, though there was a refreshingly heavy presence by the major publishing houses. [Also got to hear Patrick Rothfuss speak, which was nice.] I also attended GenCon in Indianapolis which is mostly for the gamers, but has a very large docket of writing seminars and workshops [and larping if you’re into that, which I’m not]. Unfortunately, the publishing houses were largely not in attendance. [I also did not give myself very much time to explore what was new in board games, which I enjoy. Full disclosure, I host dinner and game nights . . .but I digress.]

2015. I am definitely planning on attending C2E2 again [Chicago, April 24-26] and GenCon [Indy, July 30-August 2]. I am also thinking about adding Chicago Comic Con [August 20-23]. But my question is: where should I be going? A road trip or flight might be worth it to the right gathering. I’d want the convention to have a focus on writing and publishing in the areas of sci-fi, fantasy and urban fantasy. Thoughts?

Meanwhile, after months and rounds of re-writes, I’ve re-sent my urban fantasy novel [#1 of 4] to beta-readers. Now I can get back to first draft writing on the sequel. I spent the past week re-reading and editing it to get back up to speed. My new goal is to start shopping the first book by end of summer, get the second into beta-reading by then and start in on the third in the quadrilogy. We’ll call that my New Year’s Resolution. Eesh, the pressure.


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