Review: Some Girls Bite

Some Girls Bite
Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Despite the terrible, dime-store-worthy title, I liked this novel. Firstly, it used Chicago, its neighborhoods and politics smartly. However, I do not think one would have to be from here to appreciate the setting. Secondly, I appreciated the humorous chapter titles for which the novel’s title would have worked just fine. [ex. Rich People Aren’t Nicer–They Just Have Better Cars; Fangs Mean Never Having to Say You’re Sorry; You Can’t Trust a Man Who Eats a Hotdog With a Fork]. Mostly, I liked the mystery and pacing employed.

I am not typically a vampire book reader as I stated in my review of Night Owls (Night Owls, #1) by Lauren M. Roy. However, as they draw from the same overall canon, it’s hard not to compare the two books. This one is definitely more mature and less young adult than Roy’s novel. It also explained its world more richly. The tone of the dialogue and the settings always seemed appropriate for the plot without veering into a caricature. I was a little worried on this front with the reveal that there are non-vampire supernaturals in this world also. However, with the exception of a cloying, nymph-laden birthday party, the novel kept itself in check.

Most of the characters I liked; mostly I liked the characters. Our hero, Merit, and her BFF, Mallory, took the longest time to develop and believe. The snarky chapter titles and snarky comments through out the book stem directly from Merit, but she fell a bit short in being everything she could be. Mostly, she lacked the contemplative intelligence that I would hope a graduate student near the end of her school-career ought to have. She spent far too much time being petulant as if she had never dealt with university politics before. Merit’s other traits made up for this. She is not the willing convert, but rather a victim of assault thrust into a new life. Her brand of feminism nicely challenged the Medieval structure of the vampire society. In a good way, she reminded me of a Jane Austen heroine challenging her Darcy.

This is the first book in a series and it felt like it. This is okay. I would be willing to spend more time with these characters now that they have rounded out.
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