Review: reMIND: Volume 2

reMIND: Volume 2
reMIND: Volume 2 by Jason Brubaker
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the continuation of the beautifully rendered graphic novel, reMIND: Volume 1, which has strong leanings into a world not unlike a Miyazaki anime. The plot-arc from the first volume that leads Victuals into the underwater realm of the lizard-men comes to fruition in this volume and a comfortable resolution without the feeling like there aren’t more adventures to be had in forthcoming volumes.

The characters and fantasy-culture layer up quickly in this volume leading to a conclusion that is slightly over-convoluted. So, much is trying to happen in this volume, in so few frames, that I fear plot points and character development get shaded into the landscapes. I enjoy this series and I look forward to future additions to these characters. However, I am also relieved that this particular story-line has come to an end.

I hope a more relaxed unfolding of the story can emerge in future volumes, to resume the pacing of the first volume and to pick up the larger plot-arc that lies beyond the kingdom of the lizard-men. Recommended.
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