Review: The Troll King

The Troll King
The Troll King by Kolbeinn Karlsson
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This is a graphic novel of inexplicable purpose and plot. Compared to the works of Miyazaki on its back cover where it also suggests itself to be surrealistic and visionary, the book falls short in all regards other than surrealism. I do not find the book’s vision in its nearly wordless vignettes of cannibalism, sex, and metamorphoses. I do not sense champions of the forest, nor overcoming or sidestepping society’s obligations and pressures.

Usually when a book is recommended to me, it is because the person likes it. This was not the case here. My brother was baffled by the book and insisted upon a second opinion. My perceptions and expectations of the book might thereby be tainted. So, proceed with caution. Or better yet, rent a Miyazaki.
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