Authorized Thoughts: Dissection

I have paused the writing of the second installment in my 4-part novel series to dissect the first novel. My goal is to finish the dissection and rewrites by Halloween. That may be a bit optimistic, but since the goal is now out here for anyone to read, the positive pressure is on. Despite my posts of original poetry and reviews on poetry collections and fantasy or sci-fi books, the true aim of this blog is to give me an outlet to chronicle my writing process for the novels and to create a place for anyone interested in said novels to get updates or communicate with me.

So what am I dissecting? I create quite elaborate references of each place and character I mention in the book to aid in continuity. It is one large and growing reference for the entire series. Now that I’ve received notes back from an acceptable number of beta-readers for the first book and written a fair chunk of the second [33,000+ words], I am examining the micro-developments of each sub-scene in the book and of each character by sub-scene. At this point, I’m doing the rewrites by chapter and shoring up some of the larger arcs. I’ve also decided to layer into the story 2 or 3 historic veneers for the main speaker. This changes the plot not-at-all, but tints his POV at times.

What then? I resend the latest draft to a few beta-readers for feedback and get back into slogging away at the second installment. Hopefully after this round, I shoot for publication in the saturated market of urban fantasy. Until I have something worth updating [around Halloween?], I will continue posting reviews and older original poems.


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