Review: Night Owls

Night Owls
Night Owls by Lauren M. Roy
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I read this book on the heels of finishing Red Rising (Red Rising Trilogy, #1) by Pierce Brown. Going from a fully developed sci-fi world to a YA-voiced urban fantasy that does not spend time defining its world tinted my read. As an adult, I do not particularly enjoy the YA-voice. I am also not familiar with the canon of vampire urban fantasy that this book relies on. I have no interest in reading or watching Twilight (Twilight, #1) by Stephenie Meyer, so maybe this was a bad pick for me.

However, I read the entire thing as I did want to know where it was going. Most plot points can be guessed a chapter or two before they happen; the same can be said of the significance of most of the characters. I did not enjoy that aspect.

It also would have been nice to have terms defined: Renfield, Stregoi [sic], Jackals [as compared to werewolves]. Each term was used as a given, but based on an unknown canon beyond the original Bram Stoker and mythos. Even this book’s “rules” for vampires and succubi could stand to be defined since there are so many variants out there. [Especially true of the turning rite.]

There is a middle-ground that this book does not reach for in between informing the reader and getting too tell-y.

The best moment is witnessing the inside of a Jackal’s den. The character POV truly explored at this moment and shared the revelations with the reader. The entire book could have used more of that eye and voice.
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